Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil

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IAWN Contact:Revda Inamar Coirreia de Souza


Our Anglican Website in Brazil is:www.ieab.org.br

Women's issues and concerns

  • More women leaders in the church.
  • Equal salaries for women and men, especially for clergy.
  • Elect a female bishop.
  • The fight for equal rights in civil society.

What we're doing - programmes, events and reports

Report of the Conference held on the 20th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood, September 2005: In PortugueseIn English

Women in decision making

At Provincial level 30% of representatives are women and women are nominated for all committees.
Ordination of women
Deacons: 5
Priests: 30
Bishops: none yet

Activities related to MDGs and Beijing Platform for Action

Parishes are asked to develop social projects that align with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These groups also support projects around the MDGs and the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA): Episcopal Anglican Women's Union-UMEAB; Health Space - Anglican Diocese of Rio de Janeiro; Santa Teresa Project - Anglican Diocese of Rio de Janeiro; Daughter's of the King; Pastoral Committees

Women's organizations

(Italics = organisations that work on MDGs but not specifically women)
Church: National Women's Assembly, Episcopal Anglican Women's Union (UMEAB), Daughter's of The King Assembly.
Ecumenical: World Council of Churches - Decade to Overcome Violence, New Decade of Solidarity of Churches with Women, Catholics for the Right to Decide,(CONIC - National Council of Churches, CLAI - Latin American Council of Churches)
Secular:Viva Rio(NGO), GAPA - AIDS Suporting Group