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Women's issues and concerns

Within the church

There is no structure, neither explicitly in constitutional provisions nor in implicit practice, to prescribe or encourage ordained or lay women to participate in church decision-making bodies, such as vestries, diocesan committees, or provincial committees, despite a democratic process of election. More than 10 years have passed since the Beijing Declaration called for equal participation of women; we have to hasten our process and be more effective.

Within the society

Domestic violence: There are insufficient resources to attend to the big number of extremely tragic cases, resulting in families of mother and children committing suicide.

New immigrant wives from Mainland China: Very often young wives married to older husbands and with young children, coupled with severe adjustment problems to a highly urbanised environment. The HKSKH has responded promptly and pro-actively to this issue by providing centres of information and assistance in Mainland China and follow-up care and assistance after arrival.

Care for the aged: The demographic of HK population is aging; family structure is more like an inverted triangle with fewer young people who are struggling with their own livelihood, and care of the aged is often neglected. Old women have to look after their husbands in ill-health and tend to grandchildren: their plights are intense. HKSKH has responded to this need by rending all sorts of relief such as delivering meals, health care at home, centres for child care and for aged folks.