The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean

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Women's issues and concerns

  • Poverty
  • Domestic violence
  • Illiteracy
  • HIV/AIDS are the main issues.

In church things are moving slowly, up to now only one woman has been ordained priest.  In the last synod it has been agreed that women may be ordained to priesthood provided that the church community is ready to have a woman priest in their parish.

Vision for women

More opportunities should be given to the vulnerable women of the province, like education, health care, training, and micro-credit schemes to help them to start a project, to become independent and empower them to participate in economic issues.

What we're doing - programmes, events and reports

Women's World Day of Prayer was celebrated in all the churches of the Province on the 7th of March 2008.
A service will be held in our Cathedral to mark the Annunciation to the BVM and Lady's Day on the 29th of March 2008.

Women in decision making

Women participate in the decision-making of the church as members of the PCC, Diocesan Sydon, Provincial Synod and Board of Commissioners. We even have a woman as Chancellor of the province, which is an achievement.

Ordination of women

Deacons: Women able to be ordained but none at the moment.
Priests: First ordained in 2006. One woman has been ordained as a priest.
Women can be lay readers in all Dioceses

Activities related to MDGs and the Beijing Platform for Action

In actions at diocesan level as well as at parish level we are contributing towards the MDGs.

Women's organizations

Church: Mothers' Union
Other: Corona International, Soroptimists, Lion's International