The Anglican Church of Korea

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IAWN Contact: Ruth CHOI

Main issues and concerns

  • Lack of awareness for gender equality, justice and budget.
  • Indifference to women’s issues and concerns.
  • Women’s presence and voices in decision-making bodies.
  • Lack of responding to the issues of the Anglican Communion and the Millennium Development Goal

A Gender Equality Bureau (women’s desk) has been set up within the provincial structure since 2009.

  • This began to function as the bureau of gender equality with the Gender Equality Committee in 2014. 
  • We are working for improvement; a rise in position of women priests, leadership education.
  • We are speaking out about gender injustice, sexual harassment, false accusation, etc.

Women are present but not equally represented on decision-making bodies such as diocesan or provincial committees, but 20-30 per cent in vestries.

  • 14 Women Priests since 2001, no Bishop.
  • Women’s Group United, Gender Equality Committees, and Women’s Mission Center Committees are involved in church leadership.

The Women’s Desk (Gender Equality Bureau) links to a provincial network, women’s groups such as Mother’s Union and Girls’ Friendly Society, the Holy Cross Society (sisters), and ecumenical bodies.

Women’s Organizations

  • The Mother’s Union has a presence in every parish church, three dioceses, and at the provincial level.
  • The Girls’ Friendly Society (GFS) –
  • Women’s groups such as GFS and Women’s Group United in our church do social networking through ‘BAND’.
  • The Women’s Mission Center communicates with ‘Kakao Talk’.