The Church of Pakistan (United)

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Women's issues and concerns

  • Ignorance about women rights and issues
  • Patriarchy - specified stereotypes roles designed for women
  • Poverty and lack of economic opportunities
  • Patriarchy and stereotypes discriminatory norms and attitudes
  • Discriminatory laws and policies
  • Difficulty in getting judicial redress
  • Biased and discriminatory attitude of law enforcing agencies
  • Violence manifested in extreme forms such as honour killing, rape, mutilation of body parts shown in increasing incidents of violence against women
  • Education and health indicators are unsatisfactory
  • Harassment at workplace and in transports facility
  • No recognition of women's work, especially in sub sectors of economy
  • Trafficking in persons
  • Lack of implementing mechanisms and political commitment on Government's part to ensure women's rights.

Ordination of women

The Church's constitution is silent on this matter

Activities related to MDGs and Beijing Platform for Action

Run by Women's Desk: Feminism, Women Rights and Activism Training Program for Clergy wives; Women's Health Concerns project.

Women's organizations

Church: Women's Desk, Women's Fellowship, Program for Empowerment of Women (PEW), Women's Synodical Church of Pakistan
Ecumenical: Church World Services
Secular: Joint Action Committee, Women's Action Forum, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Asr Resource Centre, South Asia Partnership, Shirkat Gah, Simorgh, GHS Legal Aid