The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

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IAWN Contact: Mrs Ida BAURE

Women's issues and concerns

A) Within the Church
Leadership and voice: The Mothers' Union has a voice in the church through the Provincial Council, but not other women which is the bigger group.
Fewer couples are having their marriages blest. 
Women in Ministry needs to expand
B) In the wider community.
More marriages are falling apart.
Violence against women is a major problem not addressed by the church.
More teenage pregnancies and marriages.
Sexual violence is also in the increase.

Women in decision making

A Mothers' Union representative sits on Provincial Council

Ordination of women

Women cannot be ordained, although some have attended theological training and have roles as lay ministers.

Activities related to MDGs and BPfA

Mothers' Union, Anglicare STOPAIDS, Diocesan HIV/AIDS Programs,

Women's organizations

Church: Mothers' Union 
Ecumenical: Ecumenical Churches Council and the Melanesian Council of Churches
Secular: National Council of women