The Scottish Episcopal Church

 IAWN Contact: Emily Alldritt

IMG_1720I'm Emily Alldritt, a Religious Education secondary school teacher. I love baking and eating the results, and therefore have to enjoy running and highland dancing too. While my first love is theology, I'm also interested in politics and education development policy.

I'm really passionate about working with young people and furthering the ambition of young women in the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC). Alongside my work as Provincial Link, I'm also a member of the Provincial Youth Network and help run the annual Youth Week. 

The SEC is a small but strong and active voice in the Scottish community, and participates in local and national projects such as food banks and credit unions. The church represents every colour of Christian expression, from lively charismatic worship to traditional liturgical celebration. The heart of the SEC is best defined by the message on the sign hung outside every church: "The Scottish Episcopal Church welcomes YOU". 



Women’s issues & concerns

  • Poverty
  • Poor housing
  • Human Trafficking
  • Violence against women

Women in decision-making

The SEC has a reasonable representation of women on its principle Boards and Committees. A gender audit was commissioned at the General Synod 2009 and delivered to General Synod 2010.

Ordination of women

Women can be ordained as deacons, priests and bishops.  The first women were ordained in December 1994.  The legislation required for women to become bishops was passed in 2002, however, no woman has yet been elected.

Activities related to MDGs and the Beijing Platform for Action

The General Synod of 2007 agreed to work towards the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.  At the Synod of 2008, the Overseas Committee particularly commended this work, inviting all Synod members to become like ‘MiDGies’ – small insects that invade Scotland in summer – difficult to ignore and won’t go away! Small bursaries are available for young women wishing to work with overseas projects meeting the MDGs.