Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan

Sudan Small

IAWN Contact: Harriet Baka NATHAN

Women's issues and concerns

  • Empowerment and human rights
  • Gender-based violence awareness
  • Education programs

Vision for women

  • Creation of a non-violent co-existence in their communities
  • Creation of awareness through enlightenment programmes for their rights as vulnerable, discriminated and marginalised people.
  • Skill empowerment through training in business management; enhance the small capital they have for their current businesses which they are running to sustain their families so that they will be able to meet their basic needs and raise their standard of living.

Women in decision making

  • Women have achieved nearly 50% in decision-making bodies of the Church - PCC, Standing Committees, Synods
  • Women are also represented in the high-level ECS Commissions, including in education, theology, evangelism and mission, budget and finance, and church properties.

Ordination of women

Most of the 24 dioceses have ordained women priests - about 150 in all.

Activities relating to MDGs and Beijing Platform for Action

The Province has made a great move towards achieving the MDGs, especially:

  • MDG No. 1: Eradicate poverty and hunger
  • MDG No. 2: Universal primary education
  • MDG No. 3: Promote gender equality and empowerment - some how.
  • MDG No. 6: Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases

Women's organizations

Church: Women's Desk, Mothers' Union
Secular: Government's Women/Gender Officers, UN Mission in Sudan, Voice of Women for Peace and Faith