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Women's issues and concerns

  • To empower women economically
  • To fight for women's self-confidence
  • For women to break the silence, especially when their rights are violated

Personal vision for women

  • To take the top position on the highest decision-making church organs
  • To fight for women's recognition in the society and community in terms of what we are doing and how they can trust us - e.g. trusted women in high positions should set by example that women are capable
  • For IAWN and Mothers' Union to work more closely together.

What we're doing - programmes, events and reports

  • Raise awareness about IAWN
  • Establishment of small income-generating programmes/seminars
  • Sharing good practices as well as successful stories of our fellow women
  • Maintaining communication network to share our progress and challenges facing women, as well as the efforts to harmonise the challenges.

Ordination of women

So far in Tanzania, women have been ordained in the "Low Church Dioceses" but not in the "High Church" ones, though still the number is very low. Not more than ten women have been ordained as priests..

Activities related to MDGs and Beijing Platform for Action

  • Women's organisations such as the Mothers' Union have introduced packages such as gender violence which have been used to raise understanding of what gender violence means, types of violence, causes, and how to reduce or stop violence at different levels of life from the individual family and community, to national level. The awareness has helped to reduce the violence practices.
  • Following their participation at the 2008 session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, Grace V. Mokiwa and Irene Mhogolo will report on the discussions they had about the importance of financing for gender.