The Church of the Province of Uganda

Uganda Small

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Women's issues and concerns

  • Domestic violence
  • Traditional/cultural perception of lower status of women in community
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Illiteracy above 60% of women
  • Poverty
  • War/civil conflict
  • Environmental hazards like drought, floods
  • General disempowerment of women and girl children.

The self-perception of women as the weaker sex, coupled with the Church teaching of the same in a traditional setting, with similar values creates a vicious cycle of women disempowerment.

Women in decision making

Provincial Assembly agreed in 2007 to have women as 30% of Assembly representatives. Women sit at all levels of the Church, including the highest levels of decision-making bodies.

Ordination of women

Deacons: none at the moment
Priests: women have been ordained as priests


Women are ordained. Some have been canonised

Activities related to the MDGs and Beijing Platform of Action

Uganda Joint Christian Council, Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, Mothers' Union, Provincial Departments, Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention, Human Rights Network-Uganda, UNICEF, Government of Uganda

Women's organizations

Church: Women's desk, Mothers' Union, Women's Executive Council
Ecumenical: Uganda Joint Christian Council, Inter-Religious Council of Uganda