Anglican Women and Prayer

In Scripture, Mary the mother of Jesus, Esther, Anna, Lydia and Hannah are some of the women who give us a model of women who pray with faith, hope and a confidence that God is pleased to flow through their lives. Praying for each other is a powerful way to share one another’s burdens and celebrations and to strengthen bonds of affection wherever we are, and across the world.

Anglican Women at Prayer: Weaving our Bonds of Affection

AWa P Women With Lights

Anglican Women at Prayer: Weaving our Bonds of Affection is a unique educational resource for individuals or small groups that emerged from a conference held at Virginia Theological Seminary in the USA in 2014, in partnership with The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross. The resource includes videos of keynote speakers with accompanying study guides and Bible studies.

Mwongozo wa kujifunza wa Biblia wa mkutano wa 2014 wa AWaP na wa kiongozi wa sasa katika Kswahili 

Tunashukuru kwa Rev Canon Hilda Kabia na Rev Canon Maria Kanyamala kutoka Chuo cha Msalato nchini Tanzania kwa ajili ya kutafsiri vifaa vya kujifunza Biblia kutumika katika AWaP ya: weaving dhamana yetu ya huba mkutano uliofanyika mwaka 2014 katika lugha yao ya kwanza, Kswahili. Masomo ya Biblia ya tatu kuzingatia wanawake wa Biblia na kuchunguza wenzi wao. Miongozo ya kiongozi ni pia pamoja.



Fellowship of the Least Coin

FLC Graphic

Many Anglican women in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, USA and Pacific participate in this worldwide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace and reconciliation. Women meet and pray with each other and are reminded to live a reconciling and forgiving life with others.

Each woman sets aside one ‘least coin’ of her currency. The coins are sent regularly to her country’s FLC collection point. It is important that only the ‘least coin’ of each currency be set aside so that even the poorest women of each country can be a part of this fellowship of love and care.

The FLC was founded by Shanti Solomon of India who, in 1956, travelled through the countries of Asia with the Pacific Mission Team of seven women from different countries. She recognised that prayer transcends borders.