16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence 2020

One in three women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence. IAWN hopes that the following links, resources and examples will inspire and help Anglicans around the Communion to participate in this year’s international 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence which run from 25 November (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) to 10 December (Human Rights Day).

Webinar: Domestic Abuse: Identifying the Signs

This training webinar will take place on three separate occasions to make it accessible in the many different time-zones within the Anglican Communion.

Thursday 26 November, 6.30 am GMT
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Friday 27 November, 10.30 am GMT
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Monday 30 November. 7 pm GMT
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Webinar: Addressing Gender-Based Violence Around the Communion

Wednesday 25 November, 11.30 am GMT

Webinar _201125-Addressing GBV

GBV is in our communities and churches around the world. What is often unseen is the response from Christians working to prevent and end gender-based violence. The Anglican Communion Director for Gender Justice, Mandy Marshall, hosts this webinar that brings together an amazing group of women, experts in their field, who are working with the church and survivors of abuse to bring transformation, hope and light into the dark places. Featuring Bianca Daebs (Brazil), Ashella Tshedza Ndhlovu (Zambia), and Moumita Biswas (India).

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Webinar: Engaging Men in Ending Gender-Based Violence

Friday 27 November, 2 pm GMT

Webinar _201127_Engaging Men

Where are the men when it comes to preventing and ending gender-based violence? Why are men seemingly reluctant to raise their voices and act in this area? Anglican Communion Permanent Representative to the UN, Jack Palmer-White, brings together men who are actively engaged with other men to end GBV. Be inspired. Featuring Dominic Misolo (Kenya), Bishop Mauricio Andrade (Brazil), and Paulo Ueti (Brazil).

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Webinar: Theology and Prayer: How our theology engages us and motivates us to act

Wednesday 2 December, 12.30 pm GMT

Webinar _201202_Theology

Talking about gender and theology in the same sentence brings out different reactions amongst Christians. Some avoid the subject for fear of offending anyone whereas others hold strong views at either end of the spectrum. This session opens up the conversation around gender and theology and looks deeper into what is said, and what isn’t said, in the Bible. A place to hear and engage. Moderated by the Right Revd Rachel Treweek; featuring Esther Mombo (Kenya), Gerald West (South Africa), and Paulo Ueti (Brazil).

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Webinar: Advocacy and Gender Justice

Thursday 10 December, 2 pm GMT

Webinar _201210_Advocacy

Have you wondered what gender justice means and what it looks like in reality? Are you wondering how you can be an agent for change and engage in advocacy for gender justice in your own context? Then this is the webinar for you. Advocacy Manager for the Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations, Jillian Abballe, chairs a panel of individuals from around the world who are all advocating for gender justice. Featuring Amal Sarah (Pakistan), Ruihana Paenga (New Zealand), and Rhine “Toby” Koloti (South Africa).

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Mothers' Union

The international Anglican mission agency Mothers' Union has produced a resource pack for 2020's campaign against gender-based violence.

These resources can be used by individuals, groups and communities who would like to join them in their stand against Gender-Based Violence.

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Mothers' Union Ireland

Mothers' Union has identified three major pillars of change which members believe are needed in all communities worldwide. The first of these is gender justice. Throughout this annual campaign, Mothers’ Union joins with other participating organisations to raise awareness of, and call for an end to, gender-based violence in all forms and in all societies.

In Ireland, its focus will continue to be on highlighting domestic abuse, now sadly termed by the World Council of Churches as the second pandemic.

They have produced this 16 Days prayer diary

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USPG: Pray with the World Church

Pray with the World Church is the prayer diary of the Anglican mission agency USPG - United Society Partners in the Gospel.

In the current issue, the week of 22 - 28 November is themed around the 16 Days, with an introduction from the Anglican Communion's Director for Gender Justice, Mandy Marshall.

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Side by Side tools and resources

The Side by Side faith movement for gender justice curated a list of 16 resources from member organisations for the 16 Days of Activism.

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Fiji: ‘My faith says No!’

In this TV campaign, Fijian faith leaders take a stand against rape and violence against women and children.